Nawton School Points

Nawton School is encouraging Parents, Whānau and the Community of Nawton School to contribute their time through completing or participating in programmes, workshops, supporting learning, making resources, maintaining grounds, buildings, equipment (an approved list of jobs will be published or perhaps you have special skills or knowledge that could be shared in learning programmes e.g. weaving, sewing, carving…) which will earn Nawton School Points.

These points can then be redeemed for goods and services at Nawton School e.g. uniform & sports fees to benefit a pupil at our school.

For example, if a parent mended books, or helped make displays or attended a reading workshop on how to help your child read, each hour of attendance would translate to one Nawton School Point. 1 hour = 1 point ($1)

This reward is recorded on timesheets and entered into a database (on the school site) with no actual cash changing hands. These Nawton School Points equal dollars which can then be spent on purchasing uniforms or paying for sports fees.

1 point = $1 school dollar
Limit of 250 points per annum per volunteer.

Please click on the Nawton points button to view or download them.