Enviro Club

PRIDE Heroes are champions for the environment. They are a group of students that volunteer their time to be leaders in our Kura. They belong to the “Enviro Club” who are responsible for the wellbeing of the school gardens and help to improve the environment of our Kura.

Our PRIDE Heroes are learning the importance of sustainability, taking care of and protecting our environment. They also are learning the skills to help empower themselves as the next generation of leaders. There will be lots of opportunities to learn, but also teach and implement changes and new behaviours that will benefit not only our environment but also our students and wider community.

As a Club we look at having activities and events within school and community that help to promote sustainability and protection of the environment. Our PRIDE Heroes will also have opportunities to educate the school whaanau and the wider community about things they can do in their own homes to help improve, look after and beautify the land.

The interesting aspect of the PRIDE Heroes is that we do not limit members to just the senior school, instead we aim to have at least one or two students from every classroom and also welcome staff and whanau to become a part of our group. We believe that all people have a voice and have valuable insights and ideas to offer.

If you have a desire to help and support our PRIDE Heroes/ Enviro Club and/or you have skills or talents that could help us in our goal to be a more environmentally friendly and sustainable school and community then feel free to email me at marko@nawton.school.nz

PRIDE Heroes 2021 Plan

To review and improve our sustainable practices as a school and see how we can give back to our community.

Arbor Day
Planting - Arbor Day
Enviro Club
Enviro Club
Enviro Club
Enviro Club
Enviro Club
Enviro Club